Destiny 2’s Solstice Ditches Its Exhausting Grind To Become A High-Stat Armor Farm

Destiny 2’s Solstice Ditches Its Exhausting Grind To Become A High-Stat Armor Farm

Destiny 2 is making some big changes to Solstice of Heroes in 2022. You mean we’re moving on from the EAZ after four years? Don’t be silly! Of course not. But the activity, and everything else, is changing to a certain extent.

Yesterday, Bungie revealed the new grind for Solstice, which is ditching the “of Heroes” going forward, which is meant to be a way to farm high stat, properly distributed armor, and is doing so by ditching the long-running “upgrade” system of Solstice armor that we’ve seen every year since it started.

Before this, you would get a “base” level Solstice armor set, and then through some combination of free activity objectives, would upgrade it into 2-3 better variants until you ended up with a glowing version with halfway decent stats.

Now? No more of those grindy objectives for each piece. Rather, Bungie is dumping three more currencies into the game to permanently upgrade Solstice gear and then allow you to re-roll it for the stat distribution you want. It looks like it may be the most targeted armor focusing system in the history of the game, which should be useful for old and new players alike, particularly with so many changes to what stats have been prioritized over the years (Resilience is the current hotness).

So what’s the new system?

Kindling – This is currency you get from Solstice Event Challenges (we don’t know what these are yet). You can upgrade your armor three times to reach the max “potential” stat roll for each slot. From the examples shown, it looks like the final level will be a guaranteed +20 for a specific stat, double the +10 minimum the focusing Ghost mod gives you (I don’t think combining them is an automatic +30, as that would be insane).

Silver Leaves and Silver Ash – Once you have the potential rolls all maxed, you will take Silver Leaves that you will earn doing essentially any activity in Destiny 2, and then convert them to Silver Ash by completing the new EAZ Bonfire Bash activity (the rules are not detailed here). That currency will then be what you use to reroll your armor multiple times to try and get the distribution you want.

So yes, three new kinds of currencies, but it does seem pretty simple, and certainly easier and more useful than the tedious Solstice armor upgrade process from before. Bungie says they are trying to get more players to “interact” with armor stats, as this is a F2P event, but obviously this could benefit longterm players too. No, this is not Artiface Armor with an extra slot, and I don’t think Solstice armor has any intrinsic bonuses, but again, this seems like a way to get yourself a whole bunch of well-distributed, high stat sets.

Also mentioned in the TWAB is the new, bound to be controversial “event pass” system where you pay $10 in Silver to upgrade your pass and unlock event cosmetics that way, which will not be sold separately in Eververse or available for dust. Knowing the Destiny community I imagine that this is probably going to make people mad depending on what’s locked behind the system, but as for me who really only cares about armor glows, I feel comfortable skipping it.

What was not detailed anywhere here was the new Solstice weapon, a hand cannon based on the Better Devils model we’ve seen leak out before this. We don’t know anything about it, including what it’s event-specific origin trait will be, so I am curious to see what that is. But if it wasn’t shown here, we won’t see it until it’s live, it seems.

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