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Turn Off Your Night Light: Keeping Any Light on While Sleeping Is Linked to Obesity, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

Sleep specialists recommend turning off lights before going to bed.

Night lights, left-on TVs, and smartphones have all been related to dramatically greater disease rates

A recent Northwestern Medicine study of older men and women aged 63 to 84 found that individuals who were exposed to any level of light while sleeping at night were considerably more likely to be obese, have high blood pressure, and have diabetes than people who were not exposed to any light at all.

Over the course of seven days, light exposure was assessed using a wrist-worn device.

The prevalence of any nighttime light exposure being connected to greater rates of obesity, high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), and diabetes in older adults can be seen in this real-world (not experimental) study. On June 22nd, 2022, the research was published in the journal SLEEP.

“Whether it be from one’s smartphone, leaving a TV on overnight or light pollution in a big city, we live among an abundant number amount of artificial sources of light that are available 24 hours of a day,” said study corresponding author Dr. Minjee Kim, assistant professor of neurology at
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